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Squirrel Hill – Neighborhood information

Squirrel HillSquirrel Hill is a lovely neighborhood in eastern Pittsburgh, located between Oakland, Shadyside and Greenfield. The total population of the neighborhood adds up to 26,000, making it the largest one in the city. Actually it consists of 2 separate neighborhoods, namely Squirrel Hill and Squirrel Hill South, but most of the local citizens consider both of them when they refer to this area, so we will give information for the whole territory in this article.

The name was first given to this area by local Native Americans as a tribute to the typical wildlife which was found here. This has been an area which has been inhabited for a long time, the first house was built here in the middle of the 18th century and can still be found here at Schenley Park, it is pretty close to Fort Pitt.

Squirrel Hill was not always part of Pittsburgh city, it was first annexed in 1868, before that it was an integral part of Peebles Township. The Jewish community is pretty strong in Squirrel Hill, about 40% of the citizens of this neighborhood are Jewish. The majority of the immigration took place in the early 20th century.

Squirrel Hill is a beautiful place t ovisit with your family, especially if you love long walks in parks, because this area is well known for its amazing parks, such as Schenley Park, Frick Park or the Chatham University Arboretum.

The electric trolley was built in this area in 1893 and since then it has quickly become a symbol for this neighborhood, running through Forbes and Murray Avenue. In the middle of the 20th century, 2 tunnels were built (Parkway & Squirrell Hill Tunnel) to make sure that this neighborhood has better connections to other surrounding districts.

So here is a little tour information for you to explore this area:

We suggest you to start the tour at Carnegie Mellon University, located at 5000 Forbes Ave, you should head west on Fifth Avenue until you reach Chatham University at Woodland Road.

Right after visiting Chatham University, you should drive south on Shady Avenue to visit Everyday Noodles at 5875 Forbes Ave. 

By heading west on Forbes Ave you will shortly arrive to the Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh.

After visiting the community center, you should drive south on Murray Avenue so you will arrive at Mineo’s Pizza House at 2128 Murray Ave. 

We hope you enjoyed your pizza, now you should go west on Phillips Ave until you reach the Blue Slide Playground at 2005 Beechwood Blvd.

After enjoying the fun atmosphere at the playground, you can head back to Mt. Washington.

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