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Shadyside – A popular neighborhood

If you are familiar with the East End part of Pittsburgh, then you have probably already heard of (or even visited) Shadyside. This is one of the most prominent neighborhoods in the city, which is surrounded by Bloomfield and East Liberty in the north, Oakland to the west, Squirrel Hill to the south and Point Breeze to the east. The name is coming from one of the local railway stations and it is still the name of the neighborhood. The population of the area is around 14,000 and it has been one of the largest neighborhoods of Pittsburgh in the past decades.

Shadyside is full of great stores, so if you are into shopping, this will be one of your favorite districts in the city. The are 3 major areas in the neighborhood, so we will give a bit more information on each of those.

Ellsworth Avenue

Here usually smaller business are offering their goods and services, buti f you would like to eat lunch or dinner at a nice local restaurant, then this district is for you!

Highland Avenue

If you are into furniture and home design, then this is the place which might be the most interesting to you. A lot of smaller shops are having great offers here and you can visit them easily without a car as well.

Walnut street

Here you will find a good mix of different types of stores, ranging from clothes, to jewelry to diners. One of the most famous one is Pamela’s Diner where even Obama was a guest in the late 2000s.

If you want to explore Shadyside, here we have listed for you a few interesting places t ovisit, but feel free to add your owns as will when you are planning your tip. Still we think this is a good foundation for getting a good idea on what is fascinating about Shadyside.

Our suggestion is to start the tour at Winchester Thurston School at 555 Morewood and then head south on Amberson Ave until you arrive at The Mansions On Fifth Luxury Hotel at 5105 Fifth Ave.

Your next stop after leaving the Hotel will be Cafe Moulin at 732 Filbert St. To get there, just drive west on Fifth Ave. 

After taking some rest at Cafe Moulin, you should head north on Filbert St. until you reach the Market District Supermarket at 5550 Centre Ave,.

After enjoying some good time at the market, you should drive northwest on Centre Ave to get to Giant Eagle Supermarket at 6320 Shakespeare St.

After doing some shopping, you should drive southeast on Penn Ave to reach Mellon Spray Park at 6601 Fifth Ave.

We hope you enjoyed this tour in the heart of Shadyside, now you can head back to Mount Washington to enjoy the fantastic view from the hills. 

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