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Mount Washington – A guided tour for visitors

Mount Washington in PAThis neighborhood is located in the western part of Pittsburgh on a particularly beautiful hill, so if you want to get a fantastic view of the city, this might be the best place for you to visit. It is just next to the Monongahela River, so you will be able to also enjoy the view of the many bridges which are located in the city.

Originally this district was called Coal Hill, as this has been the source of coal for the city for a long time. The name was changed in 1876 to Mt. Washington since the former coal mines were not relevant anymore.

Interestingly there are multiple tunnels which were built under the hill and these are used for different purposes. There are a few old ones which were used for mining, but later transportation was also an important factor when these tunnels were built to connect different spots in the city in the best possible way.

There is also a famous sign of the city which has been displayed on Mount Washington. While the exact wording of the sign has been changing during the years, it has been an important symbol for Pittsburgh nevertheless. It was first placed there in the 1930s and has been a popular object of the citizens for many decades.

If you plan to go out with your family and just enjoy the great view over the city in a relaxed way, Mount Washington is the best neighborhood to visit for you. This area combines many great apsects of this city and is therefore ideal for visiting tourists to first get the mood of the city in case they have not visited Pittsburgh before.

Here we will take you on a short journey so you can discover the best spots nearby.

Starting at the Grandview Overlook at 136-160 Grandview Ave you should head south on Merrimac Street, so you will shortly arrive to the Olympia Park.

Leaving the Olympia Park next you should visit the South Hills Junction by driving southeast on the Saw Mill Run Blvd.

After you have visited South Hills Junction you should drive north on Haberman Ave, so you will arrive to Shop ‘n Save at 125 Virginia Ave.

Right after leaving Shop ‘n Save you should head to Pittsburgh Skyline Overlook at 222-242 Grandview Ave by heading northeast on Maple Terrace.

When you are finished at Pittsburgh Skyline Overlook you should drive south on Bigham Street so you will arrive at one of our favorite places, the Bigham Tavern which is located at 321 Bigham St.

After a good dinner at Bigham Tavern, you should finish your trip at 5 Grandview Ave.

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