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Carrick – A lovely Pittsburgh neighborhood

 Carrick is a great neighborhood in Pittsburgh for families and young couples, it is located to the south of the city center. The areas surrounding Carrick are Bon Air and Mt. Oliver to the north, Brookline and Overbrook to the west, Hays to the east and Brentwood to the south. If you would like to visit or even buy a home in a quite neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Carrick might be it for you!

Brownsville Road is one of the most important factor regarding transportation in this particular neighborhood, you can be pretty certain that you will cross it several times a day if you are running errands in Carrick.

Interestingly the history if this area goas back a very long way, first it was a gift to Major John Ormsby in the middle of the 18th century. The latest history of the neighborhood meant that it became an independent borough in 1906 and was only later annexed to Pittsburgh in 1926 after a vote has taken place about this topic.

If you wish to live here with your family, we have great news for you! Carrick is very rich in parks, playgrounds and different facilities which make your both easier and more fun. Form an education perspective there are also great choices available when it comes to public schools, such as the Carrick High School.

Probably the Wigman House is the most important symbol of the Carrick neighborhood, it was built in the late 19th century. It was originially one building of the famous Millionaire’s Row, but now the other buildings are mostly gone, so this house is the last one still standing.

Here we would like to give you a few tips on how to explore Carrick in the best possible way. 

You should start the tour at the South Side Cemetery at 1404 Brownsville Rd and head south to visit Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

After visiting the library you should make a turn and head west on Copperfield Ave until you reach the Carrick Lit Club.

After enjoying a lunch or dinner the the club, let’s drive south until you reach Phillips Park Disc Golf Course at 201 Parkfield St.

We hope you enjoyed the park, next you should drive south to Pittsburgh Concord K-5 Elementary School at 2350 Brownsville Rd to see a proper local school as well. 

Your next stop after visiting the school should be Fine Wine & Good Spirits at 2629 Brownsville Rd so you can buy some refreshing drinks for later. 

As your day in Carrick comes to an end, you can drive west on Maytide St. and then drive back to Mt. Washington.

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