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South Side neighborhood in Pittsburgh

South SideSouth Side is one of the most significant neighborhoods of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, located to the south of the center, just next to the Monongahela River. Most of the shops are located at East Carson St. so if you are into shopping, this might be a good place to start the adventure in this district. The public transportation is well organized in this area, so it is no surprise that many people who are working in the center of the city live here and do travel there every day.

South Side became the part of Pittsburgh in the late 19th century, first it was mostly inhabited by German settlers. There have been many important factories here in the past century, but lately this area is developing into a hub for students from all over the nation. The Birmingham Bridge is a significant connection point to Oakland, which is also a larger neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

South Side Flats

Interestingly this area is strictly regulated regarding its architecture, the newly built houses all have to pass certain rules in order to be approved. Lately the nightlife of this district has been developing rather rapidly, now it attracts a lot of people also from other parts of Pittsburgh who arrive here to have a good time. Earlier there have been issues regarding the crime rate of the neighborhood, but now it seems to normalize.

South Side Slopes

The most important attribute of this area is that the streets and stairs are very steep, giving this neighborhood a special feeling compared to other parts of the city. To the west of this district you will find Allentown and to the south it is Arlington. If you are into special parts of the city with a certain and distinct mood around it, South Side Slopes might be a treasure for you!

Here we have collected a few interesting spots so you can discover the neighborhood on your own.

You can start your trip at The Color Park, located at 1 S 6th St then head west on E. Carson St. to South Shore Riverfront Park.

After leaving the park, next you will visit ASCEND Pittsburgh at 2141 Mary St. 

Once you have trained your body at ASCEND Pittsburgh, next you will head southwest to St Paul of the Cross Monastery Office at 148 Monastery Ave.

After leaving the church, you will drive southeast on St. Patrick St. to South Side Park at 2000 Julia St.

We hope that you have enjoyed South Side Park, because next you will visit Bandi Schaum Community Garden which is located just north of your current position.

After spending this afternoon in South Side, you can drive north to enjoy a fantastic view of the city. 

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