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Downtown Pittsburgh – A tour in the neighborhood

The Downtown of Pittsburgh is often also called the Central Business District, or another name for it might be the Golden Triangle as it goes among locals here. Practically it is located next to 2 joining rivers which form the third one. There are some significant companies which have headquarters in this area, such as the PNC Bank or Heinz.

From a public transportation perspective this is a well developed neighborhood in Pittsburgh. The bus network is pretty extensive, but you can also travel to many places by using the light rail subway system. Probably you have heard that Pittsburgh is called the city of bridges and this is also very typical for the Downtown area as well, because it is the home of 10 bridges in the city. If we consider the expanded Downtown area, then this adds up to 18 bridges altogether.

Of course the downtown area can be split up into further mini-districts such as the Point State Park or the Grant Street area. Make sure that you visit these places if you are walking nearby, because they are fantastic spots to experience.

From an economic perspective this area is very significant, not only on a regional, but also on a national scale. Downtown Pittsburgh has been ranked as one of the best areas when it comes to job density, so it is no wonder that the employment rate in this area has been pretty high for the past decades.

The downtown is also the home of many important buildings of the city, such as the Frick Building or the Gulf Tower. From the perspective of architecture this area has a very rich heritage, the buildings are signs for many architecture styles, so this is a great location to discover if you have such interest sor would like to broaden your view on this topic.

So here is a little tour for you to discover this district:

If you start at Point State Park, which is located at 601 Commonwealth Pl and head southeast on  Blvd of the Allies, you will arrive at PPG Industries Inc at 1 PPG PL. 

After leaving the building of PPG Industries Inc, you can go northeast on Grant St. and you will shortly arrive at the Allegheny County Courthouse which is located at 436 Grant St.

Right after you visited the Allegheny County Courthouse, you can head to Pennsylvania Department of Transportation by continue driving northeast on Grant Street. 

By heading north on 10th Street you will shortly arrive at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center which is located at 1000 Fort Duquesne Blvd.

Continue the trip by driving south on 9th street and just in a few minutes you will arrive at one of the most central locations in Pittsburgh, the Market Square.

After visiting the Market Square you can always finish the tour by visiting Mount Washington. 

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