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Top 6 things to do in Schenley Park

The Schenley Park, Pittsburgh’s largest park, is a fantastic place to go for a walk or bike ride. It’s also the perfect spot for any outdoor activity such as picnics and sports. 

For those looking for something more exciting than just relaxing in the sun, Schenley Park has plenty of attractions that will keep you busy all day long.Pittsburgh’s beautiful skyline can be seen from anywhere in the park, so it’s worth bringing your camera.

1. Check out the Pittsburgh skyline- It’s worth coming to Schenley Park just for this. With some great views of the city, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world! Especially if you’re watching the skyline in the company of your friend or loved one’s

2. Rent a bike and cruise around– Enjoy the fresh air while exploring Schenley Park on two wheels. Bikes can be rented from many locations in and around Pitt’s campus including dorms, libraries, and parking lots near Point State Park.

3. Play disc golf- enjoy golfing without having to worry about the course being too long. The park has 18 holes of disc golf that are always free and open year-round.

4. Play frisbee– Not only is it a great way to get some exercise, but you’ll also have fun throwing around this flying disc with friends.

5. Sit in Schenley Plaza and enjoy nature- With acres of space, a scenic waterfall, lush green grass, beautiful flowers, trees – there’s plenty to see in one of the best parks in Pittsburgh.

6.Walk on one of Schenley Park’s many walking trails – seven scenic loops total more than 5 miles worth of trail. One is called “Jungle Trail,” and it takes you past a water feature with a small pond, creek and cascading waterfall.

Schenley Park is one of the best places to go in Pittsburgh. Not only is it filled with natural beauty, but there are a ton of activities that can be done year-round.

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