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4 Coolest Things to do at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, PA

Home to over 500 birds from different parts of the world, the National aviary has undoubtedly one of the top bird zoos in the United States. No matter how many attractions you visit in Pittsburgh, your trip won’t be complete until you visit the National Aviary. Like the sound of birds singing and chirping? Here 5 coolest things you’ll see when you visit the aviary.

Play with Penguins 

Can you resist the charm of dapper penguins? Get to see over 20 lovable penguins at the penguin point and discover their cute names. Not only do they resemble a penguin colony but you also have an opportunity to watch the birds up close while they are sunning, eating, playing and swimming. Ofcourse, the aviary also gives you the chance to play and pet the lovable penguins for a small fee.

Feed the Aracari bird

Aracari is a cute colourful, and friendly bird. The National aviary allows visitors to feed the aracari and enjoy the unique, unforgettable experience. In order to feed the birds, you’ll be required to hold small amounts of food on your palm to attract the aracari birds from their cages. More often, the birds will land on your arm and pick food using their long beak. The experience will be amazing and memorable.

Watch Bald Eagles

The bald eagle is revered as a symbol of freedom and strength in the United States. The aviary is home to two bald eagles named Liberty and Abby, which are found at the new penguin point. 

Get a close look of the birds as they stroll and play in their surroundings. Apart from the bald eagles, next door you’ll get to see the Kodiak, Sea Eagles And Aleutia, Eurasian eagle-owls, X and Dumbledore, the biggest owl in Africa.

Bat Feeding

Do you have a fear for bats? At the Canary Call ,you’ll come face to face with giant bats that you’ve probably never encountered in your life. Not only do the bats sleep on trees at daytime but they also hang upside down. However, every afternoon the giant bats wake up to eat veggies and fruits in an upside-down position. Wonderful spectacle, right? Even more amazing is the idea of feeding the bats in the upside position. You’ll certainly enjoy the experience of feeding the only flying mammals in the word.

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