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5 Things to Expect When You Visit Kennywood Park

Pittsburgh has earned a reputation as one of the top destinations for families planning weekend getaways from Washington D.C. The city has tons of attractions ideal for both children and parents. A few minutes from Pittsburg’s downtown, there’s Kennywood, one of the oldest and popular Amusement parks in the United States.

Opened in 1898, the park has over 30 different rides and many traditional attractions meant to bring excitement and old-fashioned nostalgia. Are you planning to visit Kennywood park over the weekend? Here are five things to expect.

Finest rides

Kennywood has many classic rides such as Auto Race, Kangaroo, Whip, Kenny Krouse and more. These rides have thrilled visitors for many decades and are sure to take you back to your childhood days. Your visit to Noah Ark won’t be complete without checking out Noah Ark, which resembles a large whale. 

Before entering the ark, you’ll be required to pass through much of the whale and even walk on it’s squishy tongue. Kiddieland presents many old rides that are sure to thrill kids; from SS Kenny, Steel City Choppers to Whippersnapper, Kiddieland has everything your child needs to have a great time.

Thrill seeker paradise

Kennywood has plenty to offer when it comes to thrill-seeking for the entire family. You can enjoy a death-defying dive aboard the Black Widow and enjoy the brief views from the top. If you like the roller coaster, take a plunge into the iconic Phantom Revenge. You can also participate in a racing competition with your friends or soak in cold water by taking the Pittsburgh plunge. The options for thrill-seeking in Kennyword are plenty.

Delicious Food

Feeling hungry? Kennywood is home to truly delicious food that attracts both locals and tourists. The famous potato fries are perhaps the most popular cuisine around the facility. Other must sample treats include; Italian Ice, friend orea, corn dog, Heinz Ketchup, etc. There’s also a special menu for visitors allergic to gluten or nut allergies.

Looking for an ideal location for a Weekend Getaway? Enjoy over 30 classic rides and other attractions by visiting Kennywood Amusement Park in Pittsburg.  

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