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Why You Should Visit the Hazelwood Greenway

Looking for a revitalizing and invigorating outdoor experience in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? Discover the Hazelwood Greenway situated on Longview St. Here are the compelling reasons why you should include this verdant space in your must-visit list. You should also check out the Bloomfield Community Market in Pittsburgh. 

Environmental Fascination

The Hazelwood Greenway spans over 178 acres, providing a sanctuary for a wide range of plant and animal species. As part of the Monongahela River Valley, a significant ecological area in the eastern United States, a visit to this greenway will immerse you in the region’s stunning natural beauty. Moreover, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn about the significance of safeguarding and conserving our environment.

Outdoor Leisure Activities

Outdoor enthusiasts will relish the wide range of leisure activities available at the Hazelwood Greenway. With hiking trails, fishing spots, and a boat launch, you can spend an entire day exploring the great outdoors. Additionally, the greenway offers picnic areas and open spaces where you can unwind and revel in nature with your loved ones in Pittsburgh in PA.

Nature Exploration Trails

Embark on a wild journey by traversing the nature trails at the Hazelwood Greenway. The trails wind through forests, fields, and wetlands, providing a close-up view of the natural world. Along the way, you may spot migratory birds, deer, and other wildlife, so ensure to bring your binoculars.

Wildlife Observation

The Hazelwood Greenway is a sanctuary for a diverse range of wildlife, making it an exceptional location for observing animals in their natural habitat. Whether you’re passionate about birdwatching, fishing, or simply taking in the scenery, this area provides numerous opportunities to do so.

Historical Monuments

The Hazelwood Greenway is rich in history, boasting remarkable monuments that recount the narrative of the region’s past. These include the renowned Hazelwood Coke Works and a segment of the Great Allegheny Passage, a 150-mile path tracing the course of the former Western Maryland Railway.

Sustainable Design Characteristics

As a sustainable green space committed to ecological preservation, the Hazelwood Greenway also includes many environmentally-friendly design features. These consist of a green rooftop on the site’s maintenance building, rain gardens that retain and cleanse stormwater runoff, and a green playground made from recycled materials.


The Hazelwood Greenway is the ideal retreat whether you’re seeking to escape the city’s chaos or desire to connect with nature. With its scenic beauty, outdoor recreational pursuits, and historical landmarks, the greenway caters to all. So why not pack a delightful picnic, tie up your hiking boots, and discover this hidden treasure nestled in the heart of Pittsburgh? You will not be disappointed.

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