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3 things to know about the iconic Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh

Located to the North of Pittsburgh is the famous Andy Warhol Museum. It’s one of the largest museums in the United States, commemorating the iconic artist,  Andy Warhol’s work. It has 17 galleries detailing everything you want to know about Andy Warhol works. 

As one of Pittsburgh’s notable attractions, the Andy Warhol Museum is worth a visit if you’re a lover of art. Looking to visit an art gallery in Pittsburgh? Here are 3 things to know about the iconic Museum.

The Andy Warhol Museum Building used to be an industrial warehouse.

The Museum, which showcases the work of Andy Warhol, used to be a warehouse. It acted as a distribution point for products shipped to mines and mills.

 Later, the building was repurposed by architect Richard Gluckman to house thousands of Andy Warhol works. The building features industrial structures built with concrete and metal, which are a great choice for extensive art installation and exhibition.

It’s the biggest museum dedicated to a single artist in the United States.

The centre exhibits and displays over 8,000 pieces of art created by Andy Warhol. The art pieces include; paintings, prints, photographs, drawings, sculptures and a huge video and film collection. Without a doubt, the Museum does justice to legendary artist Andy Warhol  by displaying his exceptional artwork.

The Museum Exhibits the handiwork of Warhol’s mother.

The iconic artist mother’s handiwork is also played in the Museum. This work is enough evidence of how Warhol’s mother played a key role in Andy’s career as an artist. When Andy was young, his mother sold art and craft at the local market to make ends meet.

Mrs Warhol was talented in typography and won several awards in the late 50’s Little did Andy know that this work would have a huge influence in his art.Andy Warhol would later incorporate his mother’s art into many of his projects. For instance, Andy’s signature is inspired by his mother art if you look at how the letters are arranged.

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